[Digikam-users] Final comments and a confession

Alan Klughammer klughammer at gmail.com
Wed Sep 21 16:53:09 BST 2011

I played with puppy linux on an old laptop, and eventually gave up.
Wireless is a royal pain, especially with hidden access points. I am now
using xubuntu, which is much more user friendly and polished.
My opinion would be to forgo wubi and do a true dual boot (As I
understand it, wubi installs from within windows). with Wubi, you will
be (marginally) slower, and if you fall in love with linux, you will not
be able to remove the windows partition without having to reinstall.
>From my experience, the web cam *should* work. Assus tends to be open
source friendly. Skype has a linux client.

On Wed, 2011-09-21 at 11:41 -0400, Paul Verizzo wrote:

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> > 
> >   
> > 
> > > maybe a dozen.? Some would not install, several I aborted because I wasn?t
> > > confident that it wasn?t going to partition my C drive, several insisted on
> > >     
> > 
> > 
> > I'm just curios: what made You think that the installer inside
> > VirtualBox has ability to format Your C drive? Having access to
> > physical disk would be an "expert option" in VirtualBox. I didn't find
> > such option in quick look. Well, if You have external USB disk then
> > You can give VB can grant to guest OS direct access to drive in box.
> > 
> > Gert
> >   
> Gert: I can't really say beyond most distros let me be confident they
> were only working with the VB space.  Probably all were, but I wasn't
> about to take the chance.  And your response also made me recall that
> Fedora did not want to install because it saw the space as being the
> tiny .vbi file only, not the 8GB allocated if needed.  
> > 
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> > 
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> > Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2011 08:16:03 +0200
> > From: Willem Ferguson <willemferguson at zoology.up.ac.za>
> > To: digiKam - Home Manage your photographs as a professional with the
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> > Subject: Re: [Digikam-users] "Best" distro, Adobe
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> > 
> > Paul,
> > 
> > I am waving a white flag. There are many issues. If you think distro's 
> > are contentious, just consider the issues of Gnome 3 and KDE. I hope you 
> > perceive we are partners. I have a hangup about always preaching against 
> > imperialism/provincialism in the Linux world. This comes after seeing so 
> > much conflict at all levels, even between Redhat and Canonical.
> > 
> > At a different level, I wish to express my sincere appreciation to the 
> > DigiKam crowd for the amount of time and energy being put into the 
> > development of this software. It is a role model in collaborative open 
> > source development.
> > 
> > Kind regards,
> > Willem
> >   
> "I am waving a white flag. "  Well, that about spewed my morning
> coffee onto the monitor!  Ha ha..... No battle intended!  Yes, I've
> picked up on the Battle of The Desktop Environments, let alone the
> Battle of the Distros.  And, of course, that doesn't even approach
> Linux vs. Windows vs. Mac!  
> And now to confessions:  "Forgive me, Bill, for I may soon sin."  I
> have a year old Asus eee netbook with Windows 7 Starter.  Overall, I
> like 7.  Definitely removed a lot of the warts of Vista, which shall
> go to the same Windows Embarrassment Graveyard as ME.  But along the
> way, it choked on an Opera update and now I can't install Opera.  A
> locked registry entry, and yes, I've done "everything" an advanced
> user might do.   Now, it is choking Windows Updates, I won't bore you
> with the details.  So, yes, I'm thinking what was unthinkable a few
> months ago:  I might try Linux on the netbook.  At least first as
> either dual boot or boot from USB.  
> My netbook usage is just what it's designed for: Away from home, email
> and simple chores, off-load digital images, simple non-digiKam fixes,
> etc.  Don't need heavy duty capabilities, just everything it was
> designed to do.
> i'm intrigued with Puppy Linux and Puppeee Linux.  Or maybe Wubi, of
> course.  So, my Linux worshipping friends, my questions are:  Will
> these work with the built in webcam and Skype?  And related, is Wubi
> the only installable to NTFS distro out there?  (Corel Linux was, too,
> many years ago.) 
> Paul
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