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OK, good to know. I'll wait.
Thanks for confirming :)

On , sleepless <sleeplessregulus at hetnet.nl> wrote:

> Op 20-09-11 15:34, olivier.keshavjee at gmail.com schreef:
> Hi!

> I have a question about digikam and xmp sidecars files usage.

> In the options, i've chose "read metadata from xmp sidecars" and
> "write to XMP sidecar only".

> In the metadata sidebar, I now have only the metadata I've
> modified (including for files newly imported with Digikam
> importer).

> My questions:

> - Is this behavior normal?

> - Is there a way to update XMP sidecar files, from the image
> metadata ? for the selected image(s) and/or for the whole
> database?

> - is there a way to copy the metadata from XMP sidecar to image
> file, for example to give pictures to a friend? (Is that what
> "Image > write metadata to image" does? Or does it write
> metadata in the medium chosen in the options (in my case, only XMP
> sidecar) ?)

> Thanks for your help, I confess I'ma bit confused.

> Sorry Olivier, I think we all are. The sidecar functions not always
> as expected. I think it is still under construction.

> Rinus

> By the way, I use Digikam 2.1.1

> Olivier

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