[Digikam-users] Panorama stitching tool

Antonio Trincone antonio.trincone at gmail.com
Sat Sep 17 14:39:42 BST 2011

I used it before 2.1.1 when I was using 1.9 version of Digikam.
Now trying it with newer version it works well but instead of producing a
panorama image with real shots it seems using thumbnails only. I say this
'cause the produced image is all black with in the center a small panorama
assembled image from images I used. So all seems working just on thumbnails.
Dimension of the new produced panorama is very small 200-300 kb starting
with 2-3 images of 10+ Mb each.
Have some of you just noticed this strange behaviour or may you suggest some
digikam configuration in conflict with the use of Panorama stitching tool?
I used both systems: either selecting images from inside Digikam album or
launching Panorama from K-menu.
I tried also using Hugin but without wizard it seems very difficult to go in
touch with it.
thank you in advance
all the best

Antonio Trincone
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