[Digikam-users] speedup cleanup and or optimize database

Rinus Bakker sleeplessregulus at gmail.com
Sat Sep 10 09:31:49 BST 2011

Hi list,
I used to have three main albums in my db STOCK, ART and Rinus.
The stuff whitin this main folders are so different that I never need to
search in all at once.
While some actions became a bit slow, I split my db in tree different db´s
by coppying the db to tree different folders STOCK, ART and Rinus
I used gedit to tell  ~/.kde/share/config/digikamrc successively to open
each db and removed all abums not related to the name of the db.

Further on, as I used an external hd at the laptop, I decided to move to db
to the internal drive while leaving the photos external.

just a few ideas to share.

One question:
I suppose that the db becomes more and more messy by adding, removing and
readding etc etc, I wonder if someone knows if and if, how it is possible to
optimize the db in order to have quicker search capabillity.
A few filtering actions can make it quite unresponsive.
Any ideas?

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