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Sat Sep 3 16:06:44 BST 2011

Thanks Johnny!
This is realy great and exactly what we need as much as possible here, 
sharing knowledge for free!

Op 03-09-11 13:45, Johnny schreef:
> When I started using digikam, I was ignorant of "safe" filenaming
> conventions and consequently have lots of silly characters (non-ascii
> such as spaces and brackets), mainly in albums but also in a few
> imagenames. I want to find and replace these names with minimal hassle
> and wonder what is the best practice?
> My first attempt was to simply open digikam (I think this makes the
> database change-aware, right?) and from the shell (i.e. emacs dired
> mode) do a find and replace on the filenames. This was instantaneous,
> and it seemed digikam picked up the changed. However, digikam became
> incredibly slow and after a few minutes, I just stopped and restarted
> digikam. Upon restart, it didn't recognise the database and additionally
> became unresponsive, so I killed digikam from the shell. I found two
> digikam processess and killed both - in retrospect I suspect maybe one
> process was from the initial digikam session and it was updating the
> database, and hence kept it locked from the second digikam process.
> Now, this was several minutes after I did the initial file renaming, so
> the question is why, if my guess is correct, digikam was so incredibly
> slow?
> I recovered from my backed up database, but now directory names were
> misaligned in the database and on the filesystem, so I had to manipulate
> the database directly. Using sqlite3 from the command line, I did a find
> and replace operation in the database - this was practically instant,
> hence the query why digikam does this slowly (again, if this is really
> what happened)? Now, restarting digikam, everything is back to normal
> /and/ the albums are renamed. While this is doable, it is somewhat of a
> workaround, are there better ways to do this?
> If anyone is inclined to try my method the steps are as attached.
If you could elaborate a bit about what happens in each step, it would 
be a great learning experience.
and how to stop the sqlite session? could not think of something else 
than control c.
Don´t worry, I use a copy.

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I have something similar at hand at the moment, wrestling with the setup 
from virtual box, it refuses to read from existing database.
I pointed in digikamrc to the place where db exist, in my normal setup 
db works with my pictures in the path /media/FOTO/FOTO/ARCHIEF/
but it kept stubbornly saying: path FOTO/ARCHIEF/ not found, so it looks 
like it uses a reletive path and doesn know about the base media/FOTO 
(which is the mounted drive called ¨FOTO¨.)
any ideas?

Best regards,

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