[Digikam-users] On Live USB, Virtual Box

sleepless sleeplessregulus at hetnet.nl
Fri Sep 2 19:05:54 BST 2011

Op 02-09-11 13:58, Paul Verizzo schreef:
> Without repeating the whole darned thread, here are my additional 
> thoughts.
> Live USB:  It' still a dual boot scenario.  My limited experience with 
> Knoppix on USB shows it is vastly slower than running it off of the 
> CD, which is vastly slower than running from a hard drive, of course.  
> My experience shows Virtual Box to have no glaringly obvious speed 
> differences compared to native.  One reason might be the default RAM 
> allocated in VB is rather small, 300-500kb.  I set all VB 
> installations at 1 GB or better, especially since I want to run a 
> certain graphics program on it.
> I have Ubuntu Wubi on my NTFS partition as my dual boot.  Too bad 
> there aren't other distros that do this.  (Corel Linux did, way way back.)
> Puppy Linux on DVD will let you write program changes back to the 
> disc.  Pretty sweet.  Unfortunately, dK isn't one of the repository 
> apps but I would guess that someone here knows how to do it if they 
> were so inclined.
> I've been re-re-reading the VB instructions about the Guest Additions, 
> and more particularly, the Shared Folder function.  Boy, what a 
> morass!  You aren't done after installation of GA, back to the 
> terminal. The "folders," drives actually, are in /media. 
You are at the wrong place. Everything you see under media you should 
leave alone. The magic happens in mnt, exactly as I described. Follow it 
point for point and it must work.


> OK, but then they are locked out unless you right click and change 
> sharing.  Uses my Windows username and password!  Then Nautlus asks to 
> update things.  Well, OK, why not? Then I sent the drive to the 
> desktop, but the icon there won't open the drive although it did from 
> /media.  The warning has a typical cryptic linux terminal instruction 
> to correct this.  Meanwhile, when I try to set up digiKam, I can set 
> my D drive as the source for the photos (3 folders within), but I 
> can't open up the directory tree of my C drive to locate the database, 
> where I keep it.
> If I was smart, I'd just be happy with dK 2.0 on Windows (thanks, 
> Giles!).
> Paul
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