[Digikam-users] Do you want to try digiKam on LiveUSB

Photonoxx photonoxx at free.fr
Fri Sep 2 18:13:19 BST 2011

Le Fri, 02 Sep 2011 10:24:03 +0200, sleepless <sleeplessregulus at hetnet.nl>  
a écrit:

> I am the same situation, still obliged by propriety apps to keep windows  
> on the system.
> I agree that the dual boot is the best option, and very easy to do.
> I set up the tread about VirtualBox just for people who do not want or  
> dare to do so.
> Regards,
> Rinus

Personally, in some case, Virtualbox is more convenient than Dual Boot. In  
fact, in all case where Virtualbox stays acceptable.

The only case I know where Virtualbox performances are not enough  
acceptable is game, because it need real-time performances. The only use I  
have of Virtualbox, is to run CaptureNX 2 (Nikon's raw treatment software)  
and my computer (Athlon x2 5600+ + 4Go RAM) is still usable even if  
performances are not on the top and give the advantage to allow to work  
with digikam without having to reboot when I use CaptureNX.

I recently buy a SATA disk external dock, and I think about externalize my  
boot Hard drives (or just keep my default linux install internally and all  
other OS externally) and just keep a data one in the machine. This way, I  
just have to put the right HD in the dock, and I boot on the chosen OS...

Nicolas Boulesteix
Photographe chasseur de lueurs

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