[Digikam-users] On Live USB, Virtual Box

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Fri Sep 2 18:11:31 BST 2011

I verified that digikam is *not* present on standard opensuse live cd/dvd

so I used suse studio to build appliances for us.

I build kde4 with digikam, gimp and some other programms. You can find 
them on susestudio but easier here:


instruction on howto write them here:

be warned that this was not tested. It's a half an hour work...

You will find:

* an "oem" version, right to be written on an usb stick or used as 
hard drive (use dd for writing)

* a VMware/virtualbox disk (vmx) ready for use in these applications,

*  an "iso" that should be written to an usb flash disk or used as live cd

All this should give a working openSUSE version.

of course no photos are on the support. DigiKam is standard openSUSE 
version 1.8, I can load the compiled version, but this is much more 
work and wont be done soon

I build 32 bits appliances to make them usable anywhere.

virtual machines are build for 512Mo ram, not much, but you can change 
this easily

any report welcome :-)


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