[Digikam-users] after using gimp dk can´t open image.

sleepless sleeplessregulus at hetnet.nl
Mon Oct 31 08:38:26 GMT 2011

Thank you Jean-François,

Your observation and explanation is as always detailed, precise and 
right. As a work around I save my Gimp image as PNG, just good to know 
that it is not a private problem.
Best regards,
Op 30-10-11 15:03, Jean-François Rabasse schreef:
> On Sun, 30 Oct 2011, sleepless wrote:
>> Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2011 12:31:55 +0100
>> From: sleepless <sleeplessregulus at hetnet.nl>
>> Subject: [Digikam-users] after using gimp dk can´t open image.
>> After I used gimp dk will not open my image, gwenview can.
>> Is this a known problem?
> At least, it's a problem I know and had many times in the past.
> Seems to be related to images files metadata and the way applications
> use that data, and "what idea" they have of what could be valid or not.
> Clearly, Gimp and Digikam haven't the same "idea" of validity.
> I discovered the problem, not with digital photographs, but with JPEG
> images coming from digitized artwork.
> (Briefly, I'm amateur photographer and also amateur drawer / painter,
> and I use DK to manage my genuine photos from digital cameras and also
> scanned versions of my drawings.)
> When I scan drawings, I always use Gimp to process the scanner output.
> (Mostly because the Gimp/Xsane interface is great, and also because
> I only own a small A4 flatbed scanner and drawing paper formats are
> larger than A4, so I need to scan in multiple parts then reassemble.)
> The final JPEG file I get, after processing, have a simple Exif section
> made by Gimp which contains only the image preview (i.e. a dummy Exif 
> IFD0,
> an Exif IFD1 with preview size and offset, nothing else).
> Obviously, no digital camera Exif info (focal length, aperture et al.),
> and no other metadata informations, XMP or IPTC records.
> (Gimp also adds a JFIF head section in the final file.)
> And what I've observed is that all this seems to mystify Digikam.
> Don't know why but...
> As for Gwenview, same results as you get, Gwenview opens the image file.
> But Gwenview doesn't care of metadata records so, as long as the "pure"
> image sections of the JPEG file (DQT, DHT, SOF, SOS...) are valid, the
> image is displayed.
> Probably, your problem isn't related to digitized drawings or sketchs,
> but digital photos ?
> But it could be a similar problem of metadata organisation and content.
> Maybe if DK finds a Exif header, but lacking some fundamental
> (or supposed to be) information, it stucks or considers as a corrupted
> header or file ? DK developpers involved in the metadata processing
> could probably answer ?
> I don't know a general solution, working with all applications.
> As for me, as I really needed a working solution for scanned material,
> I solved my above problem the following way :
> - remove from my JPEG files of scanned material the Exif section.
>   (I really don't care about an embedded image preview)
> - tag my file by writing metadata in the XMP Dublin Core fields,
>   xmp.dc.title, xmp.dc.description and xmp.dc.date
>   (The date is important for scanned artwork, it's not like a photo.
>   One should set the realisation date, not the scan job date.)
> With that, DK opens the JPEG image and seems to be happy. And gets the
> xmp.dc info so that I have a correct Caption, from xmp.dc.description,
> and a correct date.
> I'm not sure my problem and above solution can help you, but maybe you
> should try to remove all metadata from the images DK refuses to open
> (use any exiftool, exiv2, or even "convert -strip ..."), and rescan
> your images directory with DK, as if it were fresh new JPEG without 
> any metadata.
> I happened to do that once, with a genuine digital photo but with a 
> corrupted Exif header (or, most probably, not fully standard compliant
> Exif header; it came from a Sony camera).
> Juste removing Exif header made DK open the photo without problems,
> of course, without focal length, aperture, shutter speed info...
> Jean-François
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