[Digikam-users] Help needed on ubuntu 11.10 (Fedora 15 !)

Martin (KDE) kde at fahrendorf.de
Tue Oct 25 10:11:34 BST 2011

Am 25.10.2011 10:28, schrieb J Albrecht:
> Ouch!  So sorry to hear about your issue, Rinus. I've got no answers
> but, I have a suggestion if you're thinking of moving to a different
> distro...
> After being thoroughly pi**ed off with Ubuntu 11.10 (I can begrudgingly
> accept Unity but, I CANNOT accept commercial links in an OS whenever I
> "search"), I loaded Fedora 15, KDE. The result: FANTASTIC! I took me
> awhile to understand how to get things done with KDE but I'm now hooked
> :-)  
> The only drawback is that Fedora 15 only supports DigiKam 1.9 :-(  
> Something to do with the KDE version, I gather. 

This is due to digikam 2.x requires (or wishes) functions bundled in KDE
4.7 which will not be shipped with F15.

> This isn't an issue for
> me because F16 is due to be released in early November. Apparently we'll
> be able to upgrade to the newer version of DK
> * I had remained current with DigiKam's upgrades while on Ubuntu due to
> Philip's tremendous help by providing the PPAs. Now, however, I'm in the
> dark again. Just in case F16 arrives later than expected or, if I'm not
> confident in upgrading, can anybody provide some instructions as to how
> to run DigiKam 2.x on F15?

Use KDE testing repo. There you will get KDE 4.7 and Digikam 2.x. This
versions are not offically supported but there is a very active KDE
fedora mailing list where you get help if needed.

I myself use fedora since a few years and am very pleased with it. But
for me digikam 1.9 is enough.


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