[Digikam-users] Help needed on ubuntu 11.10

Rinus sleeplessregulus at hetnet.nl
Mon Oct 24 18:50:45 BST 2011

Yes, your method is better I guess. I'm going to try, it will keep me busy for a while but hopefully with better result.
Is backup of user dir and etc sufficient, and what do I afterwards, just overwrite the dirs in the new install with the old ones?

Philip Johnsson <philip.johnsson at gmail.com>schreef:

>I guess this is very off topic.
>I know the feeling. Happened to me once and after that I never upgrade
>to a new Ubuntu release but always go for a new fresh install after
>doing backups. That doesn't help you now.
>When do you get the black screen? During boot after or before grub or
>when you are starting Xorg/Gnome/KDE?
>You can always boot from a livecd and check or backup your files. From
>there you can also log into your installed system setting it up in a
>chroot (don't forget to bind the system resources) and update, remove
>or change your installed packages. Maybe this is deep water for you so
>it's better to use the livecd to backup all your data and then do a
>Almost too many parameters that can be wrong to helt like this.
>On Mon, Oct 24, 2011 at 7:01 PM, Rinus Bakker
><sleeplessregulus at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> Just returned from a trip and decided to start with updating my pc's from
>> ubuntu 11.04 to 11.10.
>> As usual this action destroid my entire system. Now I have 2 pc's presenting
>> me a black screen. It was to expect of course, at has never been different,
>> but I did not bother to much because I have backups. But this time restoring
>> the backup results in a statement about wrong license: grub rescue>
>> I have realy no idea how to go on. Google did not come up with a great
>> answer.
>> Any ideas around here?
>> Are a great idea for a rockstable different linux distro, not messing up my
>> computers twice a year?
>> TIA as always,
>> Rinus
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