[Digikam-users] Digikam 2.2 does not start on OpenSuse 11.4

guenter guenter.k at arcor.de
Sun Oct 9 19:26:24 BST 2011

Am 09.10.2011 12:32, schrieb Remco Viƫtor:
> On Sunday 09 October 2011 11:54:16 guenter wrote:
>> Am 08.10.2011 22:11, schrieb Will Stephenson:
>>> On Thursday 06 Oct 2011 15:25:32 Sven Burmeister wrote:
>>>> Am Donnerstag, 6. Oktober 2011, 09:18:17 schrieb Larry:
>>>>> I've recently upraded from DK 2.1.0 to 2.2, but was not able to
>>>>> start it since.
>>>>> When I start DK 2.2 in konsole (terinal) I get
>>>>> "QSqlDatabasePrivate::removeDatabase: connection 'ConnectionTest' is
>>>>> still in use, all queries will cease to work" a DK splashscreen
>>>>> comes
>>>>> up and disappears and then "digikam: symbol lookup error: digikam:
>>>>> undefined symbol:
>>>>> _ZN11KExiv2Iface14AltLangStrEdit15setLinesVisibleEj"
>>>>> is displayed.
>>>>> I'm running OpenSuse 11.4 64 bit with KDE 4.7.1
>>>>> I have also upgraded to KDE 4.7.2 last night, but it didn't fix it
>>>>> I have upgraded libkexiv2-9 from version 4.6.0-6.11.1 to version
>>>>> 4.6.5-11.4 and upgraded libkexiv2-10 from version 4.7.2-3.1 to
>>>>> version
>>>>> 4.7.3-12.1
>>>>> but that didn't help either. Any idea how to make DK2.2 run on
>>>>> Opensuse?>>
>>>> I'll post this to opensuse-kde at opensuse.org as that's where the
>>>> maintainer is.
>>> I've read the thread on digikam-users and while I'm not entirely sure
>>> where the problem lies, my money is on your system having a cocktail of
>>> packages from incompatible repositories.
>>> KDE:UpdatedApps just contains applications, not the platform.
>>> KDE:Release:4x contains the KDE platform and the applications.
>>> You say you are running 4.7.2 which implies you are using
>>> KDE:Release:47, but you also say that you upgraded (digikam?) from
>>> KDE:UpdatedApps, which is not built vs KR47.
>> [snip]
>> Hi Will,
>> but isn't this an error in the digikam package in KDE:UpdatedApps?
>> Shouldn't be set the dependencies in a way to see that there isn't KDE
>> 4.7.2 installed?
>> A friend of mine went in the same trap with digikam (2.2.0) from this
>> repo. Having "only" KDE 4.6.0 from the original openSuse distro and
>> update repos. So I disabled KDE:UpdatedApps and switched her back to
>> digikam 1.8.0 :-(
> I use the KDE4.7 repositories, there you'll find KDE 2.1.0 (for now).

Well, I for me being little more adventurous, I'm using all the great 
new stuff from KDE:Distro:Factory / openSUSE_11.4 :-)

But she, getting everytime almost a heart attack when something goes not 
in the usual way with her computer, I need a smooth update regime. 
Problem with this kind of broken packages is, that it is not get noticed 
that something went wrong. The automatic update via kpackagekit goes 
through without any warning.


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