[Digikam-users] Do the 'panorama tools' work on the MacPorts version of Digikam?

bkn bkn at ithryn.net
Sun Oct 9 17:21:37 BST 2011

On Oct 9, 2011, at 11:24 AM, Phil Stanford wrote:

> Hi - 
> I have Digikam 2.1.1 installed on a MacBook Pro using MacPorts. 
> However, I find that the 'Tools' menu doesn't include the item 'Stitch images into a panorama'  item as indicated it should do in the instruction.

I'm running digikam (v2.2.0) on OS X. I haven't been able to get the pano tools to run correctly, it crashes during the optimization stage of the pano. However to get as far as i did, i needed to patch the code very slightly, which has been submitted as a patch to the devs. 

Alternatively you could still run higin natively on OS X.

> I did wonder if I needed explicitly to install 'hugin' on the Mac, which I've now done (after some minor glitches with the MacPorts install) and which seems to work.
> Also, Digikam gives an error when I try to use the Tools / Blend bracket images    option, telling me it can't find the 'align_image_stack' executable, which it tells me I can install as part of Hugin (which I already have installed). 

You will need to install Hugin for the mac to get this working, once it actually does work. 

'align_image_stack' is an executable distributed w/ Hugin. If you download and install it, it'll be located in /Applications/Hugin/HuginTools/. This directory will need to be in your path do digikam knows where to find these executables. 

> These may be separate issues I guess. 
sort of. Digikam, does rely on binaries from the Hugin project, hence your error re: align_image_stack. 

> Digikam 2.2.0 isn't yet available with MacPorts.
> It would be useful to know whether or not the Panorama tools should work with MacPorts or not, with Digikam 2.1.1.

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