[Digikam-users] Digikam and the KDE

Anders Lund anders at alweb.dk
Sun Oct 9 16:54:36 BST 2011

On Søndag den 9. oktober 2011, jdd wrote:
> Le 09/10/2011 16:16, todd rme a écrit :
> > whole point of both nepomuk and akonadi is "having a more stable,
> > dedicated basis for storage".
> if so, why is nepomuk labelled "search on the desktop"?

Nepomuk deals with metadata + file indexing. All documents can be 
tagged/rated/commented, like we can do in digikam in fact, and metadata is 
indexed from - potentially - all file types with nepomuk, similar to what 
digikam does with images. Files containing text is also indexed for text 

The difference from digikam is that metadata known to nepomuk is available to 
any application interrested, through a standard interface, so that metadata 
produced by one application is available for others.

With digikam, this means that if metadata is shared through nepomuk, they can 
be used for example in file manager or other image viewers etc. Right now, to 
send images pr email for example, you would select them in digikam and then 
use the built in send function. With nepomuk, you could go the other way round 
and search for images with a certain tag or other metadata from the attach 
file function of kmail. Etc etc ...


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