[Digikam-users] Digikam and the KDE

Martin (KDE) kde at fahrendorf.de
Sun Oct 9 10:37:24 BST 2011

Am Freitag, 7. Oktober 2011 schrieb sleepless:
> kde is not my favorite desktop environment. I prefer gnome. but
> that´s only a matter of taste.
> I thought there was an effort a while ago to port digikam to
> quicktime to make it independent from kde, which makes it
> dependent of quicktime. I think it would be great if there came  a
> fork of digikam that takes the grandiose, excellent, wonderful,
> splendid, magnificent, special, unique, exquisite, exclusive,
> unparalleled digikam architecture  as a fundament and build it up
> from the ground without all the needless complexities that makes
> it so prone to trouble.

I think you miss the point. If you want to run a Java program you 
first have to install all required Java tools and libs. If you want to 
run a .Net program you have to do the same for .Net. The same is true 
for digikam.

If you want to run a Java 6 program with a Java 5 Environment it may 
work but most likely will not. You have to install Java 6 first. Same 
is true for Digikam. Version 2.2 may require some libs from KDE 4.6 so 
you can no longer simply compile it for KDE 4.5. You have to install 
KDE 4.6 first (or any other KDE version required with DK - numbers are 
just examples).

The difference is that Java release new versions every four (or even 
more) years and KDE every half a year. But this is simple open source 
strategy. If you need a longer period you can not run recent software. 
It is as simple as that. 

And regarding needles complexity: I use DK because of the complexity 
and the integration into KDE. Some of the functionality I use 
regularly some other every now and then. So most of them are not 

Fedora for example ships DK version 1.9. If I want to use 2.x I have 
to use kde-testing packages (which are testing and possibly not that 
stable). But DK 1.9 does all I need, so why should I update? I will 
update with the new fedora 16 in two or three month.


> Regards,
> Rinus

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