[Digikam-users] Digikam 2.2 does not start on OpenSuse 11.4

Remco Viƫtor remco.vietor at wanadoo.fr
Fri Oct 7 06:57:20 BST 2011

On Thursday 06 October 2011 20:32:21 Larry CK wrote:
> undefined symbol: _ZN4KIPI21ImageCollectionSharedD2Ev   (/usr/bin/digikam)
> undefined symbol: _ZN4KIPI15ImageInfoSharedD2Ev (/usr/bin/digikam)
> undefined symbol: _ZN11KExiv2Iface14AltLangStrEdit15setLinesVisibleEj
> (/usr/bin/digikam)

OK, so nothing so crude as a missing library or a clear version mismatch.
However, the missing symbols seem to point to a problem with libkipi and 
libkexiv2. Ldd shows libkipi.so.8 and libkexiv2.so.10.

Digging a bit shows that (under OpenSUSe 11.4 at least) package libkipi8 
provides libkipi.so.8 for at least the KDE versions 4.6.0 and 4.7.2.
And indeed, the version from the KDE 4.7 repository does not export the 2 
missing "_ZN4KIPI...." symbols.

That means 'your' version of digikam isn't build against the KDE 4.7 version 
of the library (or the linker would have caught the missing symbols), even 
though they have the same version number.

The same goes for libkexiv for the "_ZN11KExiv2..." symbol: same filename 
under versions 4.4.5 and 4.7.2, but not the same contents... 

Your best bet (imo): take the version of Digikam from the same repository as 
the libraries (Digikam 2.1.0 from the KDE release 4.7 repository) and wait 
till they get around to upgrade Digikam there (I got the same problem using 
the digikam 2.2.0 from the updates repository you gave, and could downgrade 
w/o problems).

Alternative solutions: 
-- use the KDE corresponding to the 'updates' repository
-- compile your own digikam yourself (doable, but not the easiest solution)

Hope this helps,


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