[Digikam-users] Choose another ICC profile for converting pictures

Paulux nvlplx at yahoo.fr
Sat Oct 1 11:55:57 BST 2011


Some web printing sites deliver ICC profile suited for theyre own professionnal printers in order to adapt your pictures and make soft proofing. 

If it's easy to enable soft-proofing in Digikam with any ICC profile you want (for instance photoweb-V4.icc), in the color space convertion tool, you only can choose the default kdcraw profiles (ie sRGB, Adobe RGB, Wide Gamut and Kodak Prophoto RGB) and the screen profiles installed on the system, but not another profile like photoweb-V4.icc (even if its placed in the same folder than the others profiles).  

How could I do it ? 

Thanks for your ideas

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