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Marie-Noëlle Augendre mnaugendre at gmail.com
Sat Nov 12 16:54:23 GMT 2011

2011/11/12 Philip Johnsson <philip.johnsson at gmail.com>

> Marie-Noëlle, Am I missing something? In my world you both look and
> sound like Kate Beckinsale with a perfect British accent when I read
> your mail on the list and picture you in my mind, even though you are
> French so I have no complaints about your English... ;)
> Btw, English isn't my native tongue either.
> /Philip
I'm afraid I'll make you loose your fancy dreams ...
I had to look up Kate Beckinsale as I've no idea who she is! I still don't
know how she sounds, but I certainly don't look like her ... to begin with,
I'm a bit older.
If my British accent is not too bad (at least in writing) you might want to
congratulate the teacher that introduced me to English almost ... 45 years



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