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Marie-Noëlle Augendre mnaugendre at gmail.com
Fri Nov 11 11:09:25 GMT 2011

2011/11/11 Johnny <yggdrasil at gmx.co.uk>

> Maybe you should consider using filters and/or scoring in your workflow
> if you are not already using it? Depending on how your mail client
> works,

I don't use a mail client. I have a dozen different Gmail accounts, each
for a different purpose, its own filters and parameters.

> You will only scan the ones being interesting as
> defined by the rules. Actually, the only limit to what you can follow is
> how restrictive you are - clearly, you need to know what you are
> interested in for this to be effective, but this is the same for a forum.

I'm a member of I don't know how many forums, some I visit almost daily;
others I go to when I need some information, receive a notification from a
thread I subscribed too, or am asked by private message.

With mailing-lists it's either stop and go; and the search is not as easy
and fructiful as in forums. Very often, I go to a forum and eventually
don't ask any question because I find the problem is already answered; or I
can use an existing thread to ask for some details.
On mailing-lists, it's always (for me, at least) easier and quicker to send
a new message, that will generate more traffic even it the same questions
has been answered several times.

> The best I guess is to have a wiki where dedicated users (e.g. yourself
> and Rinus :)) extract key information (e.g. emacs wiki) originating on
> the lists.

I don't think I'm a dedicated user"; I only spend a lot of time (too much,
in my opinion) to "extract" valuable information from the list. I'd rather
spend more time investigating and actually using Digikam, with more
benefits for me and people asking questions.


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