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Marie-Noëlle Augendre mnaugendre at gmail.com
Fri Nov 11 08:30:45 GMT 2011

2011/11/11 Martin (KDE) <kde at fahrendorf.de>

> > The key words are "the only threads or forums you're interested in".
> > With a mailing-list, I receive everything in my mailbox, and I don't
> > want 90% of them.
> I see this as an advantage. I don't read every mail but in many of them
> I take a short look and sometimes it is interesting an I continue to
> read. With this I get new information or a point where I can help
> others. This leads to sometimes very informative and knowledgeable
> discussions.
> Martin
> I understand your point.
But I'm interested in too many different things to be able to scan even
quickly everything that comes in.
As communities grow, they generate more and more traffic and that makes it
difficult for everybody to read/follow everything.

My feeling is that mailing-list are well suited to not too big groups,
exchanging information related to the "current and now" (I'm not sure I
explain this accurately, but english is not my native language). As the
community grows, with people having different interests, and wanting to
search/read/comment past answers and discussions, and having access to the
common knowledge, I think the advantages of a forum become proeminent.

Also people ask technical questions and request for help on the FB Digikam
page too, as if it were a forum. But unlike a forum, the answers are not
historized and organized properly, thus they are lost for future users.


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