[Digikam-users] Sorting pictures

Nick Anderson nick at cmdln.org
Thu Nov 10 14:58:00 GMT 2011

On 10/25/2011 04:39 PM, Dick Angus wrote:
> I have used Digikam a fair bit for several years and really enjoy
> it. However, I just found a new issue that I could use help with.
> Four of us just went on a vacation carrying 3 cameras. We all took 
> pictures in all the locations we visited. I have modified the
> metadata so that I know who took each photo. I would like to be
> able to merge all three sets of photos from a given location in one
> Digikam album so that they are in order. I know that renaming is
> one way, but that's awkward. Is there a drag and drop capability
> that can be used visually and then automatically rename all the
> photos once they are in my drag and drop order?

What do you think is awkward about renaming images? I rename all of my
images to this format CameraModel_YYYYMMDDTHHMMSS_XX

That way I get what camera model, the year and time, and XX is a
serial number usually only 00 but for the times when I take multiple
images in the same second it gets incrimented. Id be happy to share my
script if you like, but digikam can do similar renaming.

Nick Anderson <nick at cmdln.org>

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