[Digikam-users] Some questions about digikam4.db

Anders Stedtlund falolaf at gmail.com
Thu Nov 10 09:56:25 GMT 2011

Hi Jean-François,

digiKam used to have thumbnail images in the file system. Do you
suggest that the thumbnails db should be removed in the future? (If I
read between the lines...)

Would probably load thumbnails faster when opening an album with many subalbums.


2011/11/9 Jean-François Rabasse <jean-francois.rabasse at wanadoo.fr>:
> Sorry for the "second shoot" :)
> I forgot to signal that, in my opinion, there's also another space
> consuming table that doesn't really need to be backuped, it is the
> ImageHaarMatrix table that contains patterns signatures for the
> find duplicates function.
> It's the same kind of issue that the images thumbnails, it's nothing
> but "scratch data", because both can be rebuilt upon need via the
> DK commands menus, "Rebuild Thumbnails" and "Rebuild Fingerprints".
> It's not fundamental application data, just scratch data kept for
> faster access. So it can be (or should be) either into a separate
> db file or other solution.
> Some KDE applications, e.g. the Dolphin files browser, use a dedicated
> directory for that $HOME/.thumbnails. And, from an application program
> point of view, loading a small amount of data (a thumbnail image file
> is usually 10 or 12 Kbytes) is faster from a disk file than via the
> blob management of a RDBMS (that also access data on the disk, plus the
> SQL and blob I/O overhead).
> Jean-François
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