[Digikam-users] Some questions about digikam4.db

Anders Stedtlund falolaf at gmail.com
Wed Nov 9 08:14:49 GMT 2011


I currently use digiKam/kipi-plugins 2.2.0. (Building 2.3.0 at the moment.)

I just recently looked at the digikam4.db and can see that the size of
the has suddenly been ~4 times bigger. As I have a couple of backups
around it seems that when I went from v.2.0.0 to 2.1.0 the db grew
from ~24MB to ~100MB. I have a history of backups which dates back
almost a year and the db size has been almost the same, ~24 all the
time. I have not added that many new images that could explain the

I have looked in the tables and I have found that the:
Images table contains 962 images that doens't have any Album set.
ImagesTags table have 1628 rows connected to images without an Album set.

The oldest image is from 2010-07-25. At least some of the images have
been moved from one album to another. Haven't checked them all. Could
it be stray entries related to the move? Is there a routine "clean"
the db from such entries?

As suggested on the mailing list I have tried this:
sqlite3 -line digikam4.db 'vacuum;'

Sure the db size went down but only a MB or two.

Another reflection:
There seems to be a new table: Thumbnails. There are 4500 thumbnails
in that, about 1/3 of my total no of images. I can see that none of
the latest and none of the earliest images are in there. This table
could explain most of the db size I think. But is it used and for

I would be happy if someone could enlighten me.


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