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Photonoxx photonoxx at free.fr
Mon Nov 7 23:34:57 GMT 2011

Just a tip for people who wants :

Using Easystroke mouse gestures is really great with Digikam. It adds the  
possibility to tag pictures in full screen and with mouse only.

Basically, I have gesture for :

Previous pictures (Left gesture), Next pictures(right gesture), rating 0  
("Z" shaped gesture), rating 1 (Up gesture), rating 2 (up and down  
gesture), rating 3 (Up, down, up Gesture), rating 4 (Up, down, up down  
gesture), rating 5 (Up, down, up down, up gesture).

Easystroke app specific setting, and these gestures are only set for  

Gestures recognition is generally good, and with Digikam it works really  
greats and it's easy and very natural to use...

Le Mon, 10 Oct 2011 00:04:48 +0200, Benjamin Harders <benjamin at harders.us>  
a écrit:

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> Am 09.10.2011 22:02 schrieb Gilles Caulier:
>> Rating shortcuts are harcoded and not configurable
> Then I am going to use the mouse for the ratings as a workaround :)
> Ben

Nicolas Boulesteix
Photographe chasseur de lueurs

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