[Digikam-users] Tag's database desease

dantou_Poste dantou at laposte.net
Mon Nov 7 15:40:25 GMT 2011

I've Digikam installed on my own PC and on my wife's.
I transfer all my photos on her's.
But tag's database aren't the same.
Why, and what to do for they are ?

And, justmore.
On precedent version, when a tag is marqued for one photo into many,
there was just a "point" in his case. If all photo have the same tag,
there is an "x" marked in.
Now, it's always a "x". And so it's impossible to know if all photos are
marked for this tag or no. It was better before, with the distinction
between the "point" and the "x" 
Best regards

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