[Digikam-users] Re : experiences with calibrating Eizo ColorEdge CG243W ?

Paulux nvlplx at yahoo.fr
Tue Nov 1 19:09:38 GMT 2011


I don't know this monitor, but I've made some quick researchs. The calibration software seems to be installed on the computer, but I don't know the specificities of the "hardware calibration". 

What I can affirm is, with a colorimeter it's possible to calibrate under Windows and use the resulting ICC profile under Linux (that's what I've done during one year before buying my own colorimeter).

Secondly, with the CG243W, the colorimeter have to be purchase in option. In comparison with the price of the screen, I think you will not buy a 80$ colorimeter, so perhaps you should have a look to the CG245W which has an integrated colorimeter and calibration tool : all the process is OS independant, embedded in the screen. 



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Objet : [Digikam-users] experiences with calibrating Eizo ColorEdge CG243W ?


I am about to buy a Eizo ColorEdge CG243W but before I'd like to know if 
anybody has experience in working with this monitor under Linux...

Can you calibrate it using a virtual Windows, safe the calibration to the 
monitor hardware and then work normal under Linux/KDE (digikam, gimp, but also 
all other normal programs)?

Anybody knows about (dis-)advantages of this monitor under Linux?

thanks for your help!

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