[Digikam-users] Generic Linux question

AT Ege andreas.ege at mymail.ch
Tue Aug 30 22:39:13 BST 2011

Hi there,

> Also free software more often than commercial software follows a
> "release often, release early" philosophy. This of course means that
> released software is not that stable and can have more bugs. The severe
> bugs in DigiKam 2.0.0 could be one reason it is not yet included in
I can't compare how it is at the moment, but when I migrated from Win to 
mainly linux, I found that very often free software beta's (including 
free software under Win) seemed to work better then some proprietory 
The quote I loved most came with a beta of some programm under Win: 
"Microsoft would call it a release. I call it a beta." :-))
Though recently, esp in Gimp, I find a few bugs, which actually are 
features. :-( A matter of taste I guess...

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