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Tue Aug 30 15:20:12 BST 2011

Le Tue, 30 Aug 2011 09:20:45 +0200, sleepless <sleeplessregulus at hetnet.nl>  
a écrit:

> Op 30-08-11 08:21, Martin (KDE) schreef:

>>   Never
>> had data loss in the last ten years. With my linux boxes I had crashes
>> and data loss up to a no longer usable system (about 5 years ago). This
>> to solve needed an experienced admin. Linux (as a OS, not the plain
>> kernel) is a good system, but it is far from perfect. There are so many
>> things left to do.
>> Sometimes you have to pay for your freedom. And it is worth to do so.
> pay for freedom? what freedom? the freedom of windows?

I thing Martin means that using Linux, with its "non-perfect" aspect could  
be considered as a price to pay to gain freedom.

Anyway, there's no perfect OS, but Linux may be suffer of the missing of  
some common fonctionnality, not related to linux ability but related to  
the fact some softwares or (optimal) drivers aren't available on linux  
because they're edited by compagny which don't mind Linux or FreeSoftware.

In the other hand, Linux has some abilities that windows doesn't had too...

So we have to choose to pay for freedom (not with money but with something  
missing in your OS), or to pay for having all common softwares for  
personal use (and here you have to pay with money, with philosophical  
renunciation, and with using an OS which is, in my point of view,  
absolutely not optimised (for example, I don't understand why Windows  
Swapping if I do nothing and I have 4GB of memory))

>> What I don't get: There are many users out there who want to let windows
>> behind. But they do not switch to linux but Mac OS-X. This OS is
>> completely different from windows as linux is, but they don't use linux.
>> Martin
> Hi Martin,
> Your answer confuses me. Why are you on Linux if windows is so much  
> better?

So I don't believe Martin things Windows is so much, he just say it's not  
so bad. ;>)
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