[Digikam-users] Batch delete duplicates?

sleepless sleeplessregulus at hetnet.nl
Sun Aug 28 17:53:23 BST 2011

I have an idea, but can not test it because I have no fingerprints, and 
making them would take much too long.

This works alone if you have real duplicates, with same name not for 
look alikes and duplcates with different name.

If digikam is able to show all the duplicates in the browser (I do not 
know) you could select them all, move them all to a tempory directory, 
if they have the same name it will ask if overwrite is ok select yes and 
apply to all.

The only problem left is they are no longer in the original place.

Does this help?


Op 28-08-11 16:19, Johnny schreef:
> After having used the "find duplicates" tool, I end up with a long list
> of photos that have duplicates. How would I go about to tell Digikam to
> delete all except one copy (e.g. the first, or whichever really) of each
> photo?
> The only way I have found out is to go through the list for each photo
> individually, but that becomes tedious for 700 some images that have
> duplicates...
> Thanks for any help!

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