[Digikam-users] Finaly online: Building DigiKam for Dummies Thanks to all

sleepless sleeplessregulus at hetnet.nl
Sat Aug 27 18:49:36 BST 2011

Hi group,

We did it! We brought our knoledge together, to the profit of others.
Thank you all!

The result is an easy to follow tutorial on how to build digiKam.

In this colaboration, to make it happen for Ubuntu users, participated 
Dan McDaniel, Gilles Caulier, Philip Johnsson,
Gert kello, Michael G Hansen, me and many others.
Dmitri Popov participated in the documentation.
Marie-Noƫlle Augendre transported it to Fedora and Jean-Daniel Dodin to 

Let it be an ongoing proces for other platforms as well and I would be 
happy to have a page for your platform to be linked to the project.


Kind regards,

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