[Digikam-users] Import-Workflow with RAW-Pictures

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Wed Aug 24 10:33:23 BST 2011

Le 24/08/2011 11:10, Axel a écrit :
> Dear Digikam-Team,
> First I want to thank you for the excellent work you are doing by
> providing digikam to the open-source community. Very useful and
> promising software.
> I would like to have a work-flow for importing photos like the
> following:

for 1 to 3, I don't see the use to do it in digiKam. I find much 
simpler to use standard explorer and little scripts. Possibilities are 
so a number than a little manuel fitting is very often needed


(need sorting, yes :-()

> 4. I would like to have the a possibility to keep the raw-files (.cr2)
>     as versions of the .jpg-files and be able to administrate them in a
>     way that I can for example distribute EXIF-Data, tags, stars to all
>     versions of the same photo in an efficient way.
>     ->  I did not find such possibilities in Digikam. Could you comment
>        on that?

this I could tell "exif synchronisation". I have also this problem, 
and will probably some day solve it with exif2 scripting.

Basically, it's very simple (extract exifs then import them), but My 
images endup at a moment or an other having some differences in the 
name - I try to keep always a common part, but with the feature of my 
various cameras, it's not easy, so I have to manage this and I'm a 
terrible scripter :-(

For example, my workflow is basically the following:

* copy all the photos to folders by date - part of the folder name can 
be more than the date: author name (if not me), location... the photo 
name itself often shows the camera brand (IMG000xxx.jpg, P000xxx.jpg, 
"2011-08-22 18-30.jpg" from my android smartphone (with the blank inside!)

* then I copy this all to a digiKam folder for future edit. But then I 
have to "detox" it 
then sometime remove unexpected part from the sync application 

* then I have to trick the file name with a small script, mostly like 

rename JPG jpg *.JPG
rename .jpeg .jpg *.jpeg
for I in *.jpg ; do
	rename  $I "$RANDOM"-$I $I ;

the random part is to protect files from the online bots when I 
publish them (one photo can be public, but the next private)

so I have to insert the sync part somewhere, given I have also to 
merge online (piwigo) tags and digikam ones

frankly, I don't see digikam have to manage this, not wanting so. I 
often have to change a small bit in my scripts, for example to cope 
with small gallery change



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