[Digikam-users] Slideshow with dual monitor setup

Tobias Ljunggren tljunggren at gmail.com
Mon Aug 15 10:53:18 BST 2011


During the spring and summer I've been switching from gnome to kde as my primary choice but one of the hardest applications to 
migrate so far is f-spot.
I like digikam and can't find anything that I miss from f-spot but there is one little obstacle that I've been struggling with 
for a while.
When I connect my computer to a secondary monitor it is automatically configured in a TwinView setup. That is one large display 
with two monitors. Regardless of how I try to change monitor settings in KDE Display & Monitors or NVidia X Server Settings the 
slideshow always starts on my laptop and I can't find any way to move it.
Acording to KDE Multiple Monitor configuration the internal display is #2 and the external is #1 and unmanaged windows are 
configured to display on the display containing the pointer. In NVidia settings the external monitor is set as primary.

Is there anyway to configure which monitor to use (like in LibreOffice) or is there any way to use the same or opposite monitor 
as the one where digikam is placed?

Best regards,

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