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Peter Shute pshute at nuw.org.au
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I've found that storing by date doesn't work for everything. 

For my bird photos, a date tends to be associated with a location or a trip, so a folder per day works well.

But for family photos, where there may be only a couple of random photos a day, if that, the rest of the family gets annoyed by them being in day folders. They don't understand or want to maintain tags, so the compromise is month folders for those.

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some ideas: never work on the single original of a digital photo. 
Always make first a copy and use the copy.

The HDD are so cheap, nowaday, one can have *all* his data files 
archives online. I used (among other things) two 2Tb HDD, one in my 
desktop computer (second drive, not master one) and an other copy 
stored elsewhere for security (raw disk, filled with a e-sata external 

This internal disk is most of the time read only, to prevent too easy 
accidental erasure.

That's for the archives (not speaking of Blu-Ray disk supplementary 

The collection of edited images is stored in folders by date, on the 
format YYYYMMDD-some_eventual_detail

I noticed that the date something happen is the most evident way to 
find it back when all the other system fail. the details are added to 
have some visual data


make it easy to find that My daughter was married this day.

Some time a folder hold only one image, sometime 100, depending of the 

As often as I can I tag the images with digikam. It would be better to 
have a comment for any, but I can't cope with this by lack of time.

I publish my images with *piwigo*, a very good gallery.


I manage my self my uploading, because I want to have always the 
original name of the image kept all the time. I just add a random 
number in the name to prevent robot downloading lot of images (but lot 
of images are passwd protected and can only be seen by my family).

some details if you happen to read french: 

the only problem I don't resolve yet is the tagging. I (and others) 
can tag photos both in digikam and piwigo. I would need a tool to sync 
the two sets (the online part and the local part)


solving some file names problems:

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