[Digikam-users] demosaicing white balance method camera

Sven Burmeister sven.burmeister at gmx.net
Mon Aug 1 23:54:18 BST 2011


If I use dcraw with -w (camera white balance) to demosaic a RW2 file it shows 
the following:

dcraw -w -v P1030225.RW2

Scaling with darkness 15, saturation 4095, and
multipliers 1.901141 1.000000 1.745247 1.000000

If I open the same image in digikam's image editor (2.0) with "white balance 
method" set to "camera" the debug output shows:

Scaling with darkness 0, saturation 4080, and
multipliers 1,000000 0,526000 0,918000 0,526000

Should those not be the same numbers as above?


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