[Digikam-users] memory usage observation with digikam 1.9.0

Dr. Martin Senftleben drmartinus at drmartinus.de
Mon Aug 1 08:49:51 BST 2011


I am currently fighting with digikam on my Linux Mint 11 system
(64-bit). I have 8 GB RAM, but digikam uses up all of it and becomes
extremely slow. Admittedly it has a lot of work to do, but it becomes
unusable: thrice it crashed my entire system.
What I am doing:

I was on vacation and shot a few thousand (estimated 5000) images, which
are partly also there as raw images (this makes an estimated total of
8000 images). I put them all during the journey on an external disk,
which I now connected to my PC to load them on to the image harddrive
into the digikam collection. It takes a loooong time for digikam to read
the images from the disk (they are spread over two different folders),
i.e. more than a hour. I figure that the process of creating the
thumbnails takes so long.
During the process of copying a part of these images (a few hundreds) to
the collection, digikam crashed three times and took with it the entire

In the process of trying to find a good way to separate the images from
the two different cameras, I resorted the images (unfortunately, the
dialog allows only to sort datewise and not namewise) and found that
digikam recreates all thumbnails again (another two hours waiting time),
even though it wouldn't have been necessary as the thumbnails had
already been created.
The digikam version is 1.9.0


Martin Senftleben
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