[Digikam-users] Managing tags

Thomas Damgaard thomasdn at gmail.com
Sun Apr 17 18:24:36 BST 2011


I use digikam 1.8.0 in Kubuntu 10.10.

I have a few questions regarding managing tags:

1: How do I make digikam NOT  show confirm dialog when deleting tags?
This is extremely annoying when deleting multiple tags. I could not
find a way to configure this in Settings.

2: And more importantly, how do I make digiKam NOT import tags from
external jpegs I download from the net? Sometimes I download some
jpegs from gallery sites like flickr or similar. These sometimes
include keywords/tags in metadata. Sometimes A LOT of tags. This
pollutes my private tag name space.

3: How do I delete multiple tags at once? I cannot mark more than one
at the time in the left pane.

Med venlig hilsen/Kind regards
Thomas Damgaard Nielsen

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