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Marie-Noëlle Augendre mnaugendre at gmail.com
Fri Nov 19 19:46:59 GMT 2010

2010/10/24 Martin (KDE) <kde at fahrendorf.de>

> > Additionally, as I will have two different computers with the same
> > distribution, can I move my images and database to an external
> > drive so I can use it with either computer?
> >
> Yes this is possible. I have all my photos on a server (access via
> NFS) and the user based digikam files are stored on the fileserver as
> well but are restored at every login to the local computer and copied
> back to the server if I logout. Once I accessed all my data via NFS,
> but I was told not to do so, as database files may get corrupted if NFS
> has a little failure.
> So, for your external drive you can configure your digikam to store the
> database to the external drive side by side with the photos. But
> digikam will not work, if the external hard disk is not attached. If
> you want/have to share your photos with others (like family members)
> it may be a good idea to setup a small server for sharing not only
> photos.
> Martin
> >
> > Thanks for answers,
> > Marie-Noëlle
> Just checking before making mistakes ...

In order to transfer my images and database from the internal drive to an
external one, is it OK if I:
 - first, move my whole /home/mine/Images/ folder (that includes the
pictures and the database apparently) using my usual file manager
 - then, open Digikam and change the configuration so it looks for the new
drive path

... unless Digikam will 'protest' that it cannot find the old database?

Thanks for advice,

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