[Digikam-users] Re: How to pass a list of images file names to a script of mine ?

Ben Staude sben1783 at yahoo.de
Thu Nov 11 21:40:47 GMT 2010

Hello Etienne,

I'm also interested in the question you posted. I tried RMB -> "Open With" -> 
"Other...", this calls the program (or script) you select once for each 
selected file. This might already suite your needs or, when you need to call 
your script only once with all paths as arguments, you could create a simple 
script that appends its argument to some (hardcoded) tmp file, and then run 
your script with the contents of that tmp file as its arguments.

<some more tryouts>

Within System Settings -> Mime Types (?, "Dateizuordnungen" in german), you 
can add your custom script for the filetypes it supports. It then appears 
directly in the RMB menu (still being called once for each file selected).

On the other hand, it should be only a small task for a digikam developer to 
write a kipi plugin that simply creates a txt file with the paths of the 
currently selected files - I think this might be quite useful in some 


Am Dienstag 09 November 2010 schrieb Etienne Charlier:
> Hello,
> I'm evaluating digikam ( to replace imatch, my last windows program...)
> Let's say I selected some images ( by search, selecting an album,
> keyword search,...)
> I'm looking for a way to pass the full pathname of all selected images
> to a bash script I'd write.
> Questions
>   - where to put the script
>   - how can I retrieve the list of filenames ( command line arguments,
> stdin, temp file) ?
>   - how to integrate the launch of this script in digikam's user
> interface ???
> Thanks a lot for this beautifull piece of software...
> Etienne
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