[Digikam-users] Re: "An HTML attachment was scrubbed..."

Peter Shute pshute at nuw.org.au
Mon Nov 8 21:12:50 GMT 2010

But if there's both an HTML and a text section, why not just strip out the HTML? I thought the issue here was problems reading the mail, not with the bandwidth use.

I'm not suggesting any changes to long standing arrangements, just wondering is this blocking has only just been turned on.

There's absolutely no need for HTML in a list like this, but I think those who inadvertently try it need explanations and assistance, not blank rejections.

Almost all Windows users have it configured by default without their knowledge. Users of Outlook, etc, I would suggest changing the setting to text mode, but with HTML replies to HTML emails. That's a reasonable compromise.
And sorry, I'd dearly love to post/inter quote for you, but a Blackberry phone *cannot* do that. I have complained, and requested the development of an app to reformat to allow it, but no one appears interested, or to understand the need for it.

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Le 08/11/2010 20:07, Peter Shute a écrit :
> Shouldn't most mail clients that use HTML include both a text and
> an HTML version in the email so that other mail clients can display
> either?

yes, that's also for this that html mails are so big. Most linux
mailing-lists reject html. As we have now also windows users, we have
to educate them - not always easy

and, please, answer, if necessary, *after* the part of the message you
answer to, and remover the unnecessary one.


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