[Digikam-users] Filter for RAW and Jpeg files not working correctly

Micha Neubauer Micha.Neubauer at yahoo.de
Sat Nov 6 15:43:44 GMT 2010

Hello everybody,

I always take my photos in RAW and JPEG, so when I take 50 photos, I have 50 RAW and 50 
JPEG files.
At the bottom in the middle of DigiKam, there is a filter with which I can select e.g. my 
JPEGs only. When I use this filter it shows me always less files (e.g. 46 in this case). 
When I filter for RAW files DigiKam also shows me 46 photos only. When I put the filter off, 
it shows me 100 photos again. How can this be? Anybody experiencing the same or knows how 
to solve this. Maybe this problem occurred after upgrading to 1.4 since I thing these 
filters worked fine for me in the past.
Thanks a lot for all answers and DK in general!

KDE4.5.3 DK1.4 Kubuntu10.10
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