[Digikam-users] Users manual?

Luka Renko lure at kubuntu.org
Tue Jan 5 23:25:46 CET 2010

On Tuesday 05 of January 2010 21:14:51 Wilkins, Vern W wrote:
> One thing people tend to forget is that the majority of people working on
>  projects like digiKam are not getting paid in any way for their work.  I
>  think it's reasonable to ask developers for things, but complaining about
>  all that is wrong with an application or Linux in general is not
>  productive.  The fact that people are donating their free time to write
>  code I can use is good enough for me.

It is not just that: I may contribute by bug triage and coding, but I am 
really not a good writer, therefore for me, writing user documentation would 
be a pain (I think even somebody paying me for that would not make a change 
for me ;-)). And as you said, I am doing this in my free time, therefore I do 
stuff I like to do. ;-) Also, I write code for the stuff that I need or that 
bugs me first and yes, this means I am selfish sometimes. ;-)

It is all about community and for me users are also part of community if they 
are positive and can think also about what they can do. And sometimes this may 
be just to be constructive when writing the e-mail to the mailing list...

And another fact: Digikam has one of the best documentation (for FOSS 
project)! It may not be completely up-to-date, but it is good. Do not forget 
that this thread started just because 


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