[Digikam-users] Users manual?

Andreas Weigl kde at silicoids-world.de
Tue Jan 5 21:05:28 CET 2010


Please learn to quote mails correctly.

Am Tuesday, 5. January 2010 schrieb BGP:
> Heck, I still don't even know how to download a program with that that
> Tar ball or Tar bag or whatever it's called!!!!

You're using Ubuntu? Go to http://ubuntuforums.org/ and check there. If you do 
not find the answer ask. Even if you didn't mention in your first mails I 
would have known that you are quite new. 
Search for the Netiquette and read it. 
> Linux would've slaughtered Windows years ago if it had been as easy to
> use (with some exceptions) as Windows.  I have no intention of going
> back to Windows for most of my work but do not like having to put up
> with nonsense from a poorly presented system.

IMHO Linux isn't any harder to use than Windows. There are just more people 
around you who know Windows.

> Digikam is a good program.  Much nicer than that wretched Picasa (and
> any thing that fool Google comes up with). The developers have done a
> good job of making it....but they could add on a few more things that'd
> make it the best.  To get a help manual requires a PhD just to download
> and install.  Really, how hard could it be to include all of the extras
> we need to start with ?

Well you should ask the Ubuntu guys. The digikam developers simply provide the 
code and the documentation. It depends on your distribution what will be 
installed and what not.
Best example is Ubuntu itself. If you try to play a video, but you do not have 
the codec installed it asks you if you want to install it. Why dosn't Ubuntu 
ask you if you want to install the digikam-doc package when you open the help 
and it isn't installed?

And to the OpenSuse guys: It isn't the fault of digikam if OpenSuse doesn't 
provide the doc Package. Ask OpenSuse why.


PS: Guys, digikam is great! One of my most favourite applications!
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