[Digikam-users] Re: raw conversion

Milan Knížek knizek.confy at volny.cz
Tue Dec 28 08:26:52 GMT 2010

John Barnett píše v Po 27. 12. 2010 v 12:44 -0500:
> I have a lot of photos in raw format -- rw2 from a Lumix LX-3, which
> digiKam does a nice job of previewing. However, I can't figure out how
> to convert them as a batch within digiKam, using the same process that
> it uses to generate the preview. Not only does digiKam interpolate,
Check menu Settings / Configure digiKam / Album view. I assume that in
your case the item in Misc Options "Embedded preview loads full-sized
images" is unchecked (therefore the preview is based on JPEG embeded in
rw2 and digiKam does not do any conversion).

> Is there a way I can batch convert to jpeg with all of the niceties of
> the digiKam raw preview?
digiKam uses a different tools to convert from raw to JPEG than the
camera manufacturer. Therefore, the result does differ.

Depending on what is the resolution and quality of the JPEG embedded in
raw file, you may want to extract it [1] and compare side by side with
digiKam's output. However, if you consistently find the embedded JPEG
better, then shooting in raw may not be your target...

[1] try:
$ exiv2 extract -ep1 image.rw2
where -ep1 is the first thumbnail embedded in the raw file (some raw
formats have more thumbnails).


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