[Digikam-users] Re: Albums on USB and the database

Marcel Wiesweg marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de
Thu Dec 23 13:57:23 GMT 2010

> Along the lines of what Bartek said, I notice that in the settings the
> photo dir can be selected as external media or not. Is it likely that this
> setting is what is supposed to prevent your situation?
> I also keep the db on the usb drive, but I have been thinking of moving it
> to the main drive along with one working album for 'sorting'.

Normally, there is no difference on which buttons you click because it's 
possible to auto-detect if a drive is removable or not (currently not possible 
for network shares, so that button make a difference).
Please note that the original poster is running a very old version, so I 
cannot say anything about that case. It is possible that the collection is 
referenced by mount path instead of partition UUID, in which case the pictures 
would be seen as removed when the harddisk is missing. But even then, the 
database entries are not deleted immediately, if you replug soon and start 
digikam again, they will be recognized. Best way is probably to add a 
"removable" collection now and copy the files from within digikam.
Of course, there were bugs in the past and there'll still be problems in some 
situations (Windows? Mac? cross-platform network share)

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