[Digikam-users] Re: Compiling Issues (still no joy)

Peter Shute pshute at nuw.org.au
Tue Dec 21 00:16:13 GMT 2010

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> So when a release of Kubuntu comes out, you get a snapshot of 
> what the state of everything was at the time that version of 
> Kubuntu was released. Sometimes it's good, sometimes (9.04) 
> it's truly awful. You've been unlucky to discover one of the 
> bugs that slipped through the net pre-release. If nobody has 
> reported this bug to Kubuntu, or there's nobody there to work 
> on it, or it requires a major update to new versions of 
> libraries, nothing will get done about it. Have you raised it 
> as a bug on launchpad? If not, you can't complain that 
> there's no fix available. Get involved, Linux is a two-way street.
> So, the reason a simple deb with all the necessary stuff 
> isn't available is (a) because, probably, nobody has reported 
> it, and (b) because nobody has felt it worthwhile to spend 
> *their own spare time* doing it. As you've found out, it's 
> not simple and it's not fun. 

This is all very well, but it isn't made clear to users before they install and commit to software. One can spend many hundreds of hours using something like digiKam, only to have it all go wrong one day. That's when users face problems like this, which they aren't qualified to solve, and wouldn't have got involved with if they suspected what was coming.

Peter Shute

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