[Digikam-users] Help! Installation of new exiv2 2.0??

Hevï Guy heviiguy at gmail.com
Sat Dec 18 04:37:59 GMT 2010

Hello everybody. Please pardon my ignorance but, I'm much more of a
photographer than a Linux wizard...

Like many others, I've been plagued by the problem of slowwwwwwww...
photo imports. Yes, I am a proud Nikon D90 owner. I understand that
exiv2 was the culprit and I also know that version 2 has been developed
to overcome the problem. This is good. What's not good is that I have
absolutely no idea whatsoever about how to take advantage of this new
file; How do I incorporate it into my version of DigiKam (1.6.0) running
on Ubuntu 10.10???

If anybody can lead me through the painful process (with many
noob-necessary details) I would be very appreciative.

Ciao y'all.
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