[Digikam-users] can't view scanned tiff images

Jim Dory james at dorydesign.com
Fri Dec 3 18:55:42 GMT 2010

My setup is Gentoo unstable, so I have pretty up to date software -
using 1.6 Digikam and KipiPlugins, as well as latest support libraries
that Gentoo has. I've been using Digikam mainly for just image file
management/viewing and tagging. Don't do much editing with it because
I haven't gotten it to deal with my Canon Raw (CR2) images well yet.

I scan images using a proprietary Vuescan (www.hamrick.com) which
supports Linux and my Nikon LS9000 film scanner. I may have a setting
wrong in Vuescan or Digikam that after I scan an image (they can be
quite large - ~50MB or more) Digikam complains that it cannot open the
tif file. I have the output set in Vuescan as a 24 bit RGB file type,
with Auto compression. Choices on the file type are 24 Bit and higher
RGB, or lower B & W.

I have WindowsXP running in Virtualbox since I'm a fan of Photoshop
still (I am using CS3) and if I save the tiff image using Photoshop,
then Digikam can see it and open it normally. So PS converts something
that Digikam doesn't like. I have PS color spaces set to North
American General Purpose 2, and sRGB IEC61966-2.1, and under
management - "preserve embedded profiles".

If, however, I change Vuescan to save as jpeg rather than .tif Digikam
has no trouble displaying it.

What am I missing?  thanks, JD

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