[Digikam-users] Building digikam on windows

Peter Shute pshute at nuw.org.au
Thu Aug 26 01:26:38 BST 2010

This is exactly the sort of problem I ran into when I tried it. I assume it's to do with changes to what's included in the distribution, what's been renamed, and sometimes what's been forgotten. I spent days trying all sorts of ways, and finally joined the kde-windows list to get help. 

Here's the thread, hope it helps, but I suspect you'll still have problems:

Given that it doesn't seem possible to get updates into the Windows KDE distribution within a reasonable amount of time, perhaps a better distribution strategy is to work at keeping the download and compilation instructions current. I don't know if the instructions will then end up only working for people installing for the first time, i.e. whether preloaded stuff affects the procedure.

Be warned that a first time compilation takes a lot of download time, a lot of diskspace, and a lot of compilation time. According to that thread, it downloaded maybe 3GB, which expanded out to 8GB during compilation, and it all took maybe 20 hours. It's not a job to be started without adequate preparation.

Peter Shute

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> I'm starting on building digikam on windows xp using the 
> tutorial on the digikam site that Gilles pointed out, and 
> have already run into a
> difference:  The current kde on windows installation (4.4.4) 
> does not have any packages called automoc listed anywhere in 
> it.  Is this package still needed for the digiKam build?
> d
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