[Digikam-users] DigiKam on windows instability

David Kerber dkerber at miner.mst.edu
Wed Aug 25 01:50:53 BST 2010

Paul Verizzo wrote:
> I've all but given up using digiKam on Windows.  The path via KDE on 
> Windows is cumbersome, inefficient, and to this non-Linux guy, 
> completely inscrutable.  (Why MUST I download scientific games and 
> tools, for instance?)  Further, digiKam is now several
Yeah, I was wondering the same thing.  Definitely not the philosophy I
expected from a Linux-originated project.

> releases along and as of a week or two ago, KDE for Win is just 
> snoozing.  Last update was in February.
> The problems I typically get are crashes with a "Runtime Error" 
> message, especially when trying to save a modified file.  I also can't 
> get thumbnails for 48 bit images that I make from film scans although 
> Picassa has no trouble making its own.  The scan system has caused 
> many crashes when I first set things up.  I eventually found that a 
> folder that contained some non jpg-tiff-etc files made it blow up. 
I've found that as long as I'm not trying to move files around, it seems
to be pretty stable.  Today I was doing a bunch of tagging without
moving the files, and it worked fine:  no crashes, and quick and
responsive even on my middle-aged hardware.

> But I do love digiKam when it works!  So much so, that I spent dozens 
> of hours trying to do things like install that Ubuntu program that 
> uses Windows (didn't work on two computers), tried it running live 
> CD's, and Virtual Box (head banging trying to get it to read the files 
> on the native Windows partition. I gave up on that, too.
A partial Linux machine was going to be my next try.  I've got a new box
coming in that will have the horsepower to either dual-boot Debian and
Windows, or run one of them in a vm inside the other.  However, I still
have to decide which I want to be the host and which the guest.
> So maybe in the next week I'll take an old Windows 2000 box I have, 
> install Ubuntu or other distro, and use my KBV switch for the monitor 
> and keyboard that I use on "The Mothership."  I'll still have to deal 
> with the image files remaining on the Windows box where they 
> automatically get backed up by Carbonite.   Does anyone know if 
> digiKam running on LInux can read and scan the files on Windows via 
> the usual ethernet?
It will on wiindows with no trouble; I already tried that, but haven't
tried it under Linux.

> digiKam is the best similar program out there, bar none.  And the 
> price is right!  I just wish it didn't have to run on KDE.  Xnview, a 
> less capable but very nice "Irfanview with browser" level, can run on 
> Windows, Linux, or Mac. 
Thanks for the comments!

> No &^#&*))$^^ KDE needed.
> Paul
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>> I've got digikam 1.1.0 (through a kde on windows install) on a
>> fully-patched win XP machine, and am having significant stability issues
>> when trying to move my pictures around into different folders.
>> Yesterday it probably hung or crashed 10 times over the course of the
>> day, and I can't see any real pattern to it, except that it was usually
>> when moving pictures from one folder to another.  However, it doesn't
>> always crash when moving them, only sometimes.
>> The symptoms are usually either that digikam just hangs for a minute or
>> two using 80% cpu, and then just disappears with no notice, but
>> sometimes gives me a vc library error (something about requesting an
>> unusual way of shutting down), and sometimes I get a Dr Watson error.
>> And the function to delete pictures simply doesn't work.  The pictures
>> don't disappear from either the album, nor from the HD.
>> Are these file-management issues likely to have been fixed in a later
>> release that hasn't been ported windows yet?
>> D
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