[Digikam-users] DigiKam on windows instability

David Kerber dkerber at miner.mst.edu
Sun Aug 22 14:15:39 BST 2010

I've got digikam 1.1.0 (through a kde on windows install) on a
fully-patched win XP machine, and am having significant stability issues
when trying to move my pictures around into different folders.
Yesterday it probably hung or crashed 10 times over the course of the
day, and I can't see any real pattern to it, except that it was usually
when moving pictures from one folder to another.  However, it doesn't
always crash when moving them, only sometimes.

The symptoms are usually either that digikam just hangs for a minute or
two using 80% cpu, and then just disappears with no notice, but
sometimes gives me a vc library error (something about requesting an
unusual way of shutting down), and sometimes I get a Dr Watson error.

And the function to delete pictures simply doesn't work.  The pictures
don't disappear from either the album, nor from the HD.

Are these file-management issues likely to have been fixed in a later
release that hasn't been ported windows yet?


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